Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lacresha Hayes and her book, Raw Redemption

I'm very happy to announce my interview with Lacresha Hayes, a publishing, pastoring, grantwriting, parenting, social reform maven. This woman is so anointed and special. I enjoy any chance I get to be a blessing to her. I think you'll find this interview to be a very special one.

Me: Hi, Lacresha. I'm glad you brought your tour to my blog. Give us an overview of your book.

L.H: Thanks, Kim. Raw Redemption is my first work of Christian fiction and it deals with issues of family secrets, incest and abuse, insecurities, fears and eventual healing and happiness. It deals with the issues of the heart. Since it has been on the market, several people have mentioned that I should do a Johansson family saga of books.

Me: In the book, Cheyenne has to overcoming losing both parents. She is molested by a wealthy but psychotic uncle. She goes through a bad marriage. She ends up pregnant. Are those the major themes of the book?

L.H: No. Actually, those are more like the issues she has to overcome. The primary theme is healing. I chose the death of the parents and molestation by an uncle as trials because those are some of the worst imaginable situations. Cheyenne beat them in the end, which is to signify that people can overcome any challenge with faith. Divorce is common place, and so is accidental pregnancies. I wanted her to be a real person and thus these trials made her someone anyone could relate to.

Me: This book has some highly sensationalized parts. What was the purpose in that?

L.H: When I read, I read for knowledge or entertainment. I knew I needed some pieces that were not as common and not as likely to happen to most people. Therefore, I used her inheritance and the family's secrets to make the book more entertaining without losing it's believable factor. Who doesn't want to dream? That's why I used what I used.

Me: Who do you think will enjoy this book most?

L.H: Young women, definitely, though there is much in there to attract men too. It's not for children.

Me: Do you have any other writing in the works?

L.H: Definitely! I have finished The Snare of a Strange Woman and Black Dakota is being edited. Snare is about the perils of sexual infidelity and is mostly aimed at ministers and leaders. Black Dakota is another work of fiction and is a Christian thriller. I look forward to both of these books hitting shelves before Christmas. I'm also writing and editing my entrepreneur series of books. I'm not sure any of them will see the market this year, though. I'll have to keep you all posted.

Me: Can you give us further contact info and purchasing information?

L.H: For those who want more info about me, please visit my website at or email me at
You may purchase discounted copies of my books on my Truth and Intimacy blog in the right sidebar from the pull down list. I'm in the process of adding buy links on my website. You can also order via Amazon or BN, Powell's and anywhere else books are sold.


Kimberly's Book and Author Picks said...

Don't forget that we're giving away a free copy of Lacresha's book today. Leave your comment with email address.

Carla Davis said...

Wonderful questions, Kim. Enjoyed this interview.... looking forward to the other titles too.

Nichole Osborn said...

Great questions! Can't wait to read Raw Redemption. Email is

K.T. said...

I think this just might be your best work yet. I finished it two days ago. I've written the review, but hadn't put it up yet. I hope you continue on with the storyline.

Deborah said...

Enjoyed the interview and look forward to reading Raw Redemption. It is awesome and glorious how the Lord can work in the lives of the willing.

Deborah said...

I enjoyed the interview and look forward to reading Raw Redemption. It is glorious and amaziang what the Lord can do in the lives of the willing.

Joyce Anthony said...

Sounds like a book I could identify with Lacresha--and knowing the emotion you put into your writing, I imagine it is a great one. Black Dakota also sounds interesting!

Vicky Warren said...

Wonderful interview, sweetie. I think one day you'll be right beside Kay Arthur, and all the greats.