Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Alert! Children's Book for Dealing with Breast Cancer

I found out about this book, MY ONE BOOBED MAMMA, today and I wanted to call everyone's attention to it. If you have breast cancer or know someone who does with children, this book is necessary. I've requested a review copy and will get more information to you.

From what I'm told, the book will be available for sale through all the major book retailers by November 17, 2008. Keep this book and the author, Jeanette Patindol, in prayer and hope that it can help children deal with this travesty in the body of their moms.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Writing Powerful Words

Words can be powerless, meaningless, scribblings on a piece of paper. They can be things spoken in haste and for nothing. I started the blog for the opposite. I started this blog for the power of words.

My mother and I spoke on the phone. She said that the power of words are found in the heart of the person who is speaking them, whether it's God's Word or ours. Remember to make your words count.