Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amazon versus Barnes and Noble

Okay, so we all know that those are the powerhouses of online book sales. Seems BN is trying to compete with Amazon, but there's no stopping the super power. Amazon has a hand in publishing, distribution, printing, and secondary sales sources. There's books, downloads and movies. There's jewelry, electronics, and much more.

I've honestly began buying most of my books through Powell's and Diesel for my ebooks. However, I find myself on Amazon's website daily while BN is rarely ever a stop for me. How about you? Which do you prefer?

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SarahBeth said...

I've purchased my fair share of items off Amazon, but I still prefer Barnes and Noble for books. Maybe I'm a book snob...or maybe it annoys me to see one company being able to monopolize so many different sectors. It's hard to say!