Thursday, June 11, 2009

What's Happening to BOOKS?

When I was growing up, my parents made me read. I had to bring my work home from school and complete every bit of it. When it came to those dull stories in those thick literature books, I hated to do them. Even so, mom made me read them until they spoke to me through my prejudice. I wanted something exciting and fun, not dull and lifeless as I assumed most of these stories were.

Now, I see children who tell me they've never completed even one book. Children now go online and get cliff notes, etc to complete their literature assignments. They'd rather do iPods and iPhones, but not books. It's a tragedy if we allow this to happen.

Books must survive this digital age, else will we lose a major part of our history and culture. Whether print or digital books, our children should be made to read. Reading expands the imagination, broadens horizons and can shape and mold good character. Don't allow books to die. Even if you don't care to read, make book purchases a part of your monthly budget and reading a part of your weekly schedule. Do it for the sake of a culture that is trying to sweep our children into a whirlwind of lifeless living.