Friday, January 9, 2009

Leigh Laurence and Her Ebook, Uncommitment

I was nearly thrown aback by the cover. Luckily, I read over the synopsis first. Leigh Laurence, the syndicated relationship article writer, has now moved further out in the water into books. I got this download, Uncommitment: Dealing with a Predator, only two days ago. I was absolutely stunned by how deeply spiritual this book was without even mentioning spirituality much.

Leigh is a Christian, I found out, but she doesn't use it in her writing much. So, this book is really a treat. She pulled off a crossover book her first time out the gate. No easy feat!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chaplain Daniel Langerock

When I first heard of Chaplain Dan, it was through a group we're both a part of ~ FCW. I was delighted by his news of having a publication contract.

Chaplain Dan has written several bible studies and some poetry journals, all due out this year. What's amazing about this author is his level of sacrifice. He lost his wife not long ago, but there's not even a hint of sadness about him. He's the picture of a man, a Christian, a Christian man and an author.