Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Author of Note ~ Janet Elaine Smith

Janet Elaine Smith, bestselling and award-winning author, has proven herself as a true literary genius. With titles such as Dunnottar, Bank Roll, House Call to the Past, and Monday Knight, Smith is on her way to literary stardom, right up there with Mary Higgins Clark, Danielle Steel, and Jan Coffey.
Learn more about this wonderful author at www.janetelainesmith.com. It is a website you'll want to make as a favorite and return again and again!


JanetElaineSmith said...

I'm not quite sure who you are, Kimberly, but I am deeply honored and very humbled by your comments. Thank you so much for your support. Keep on writing.
Janet Elaine Smith

Lacresha Hayes said...


You picked a great author for your pick this time. She's very talented. I do plan to purchase Dunnottar. Seems everyone keeps talking about it. LOL!