Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sitting down with Carol Jones, author of "Dare to Dream"

We are pleased to have Carol Jones here with us today. Ms. Jones is the author of Dare to Dream, published by Living Waters Publishing Company.

1. Ms. Jones, tell us a bit about yourself and why you became a writer.

Hi Kim, I'm a single mother of three sons-Jasmyn, Ryan and Langdon. Ryan was killed March 17, 2007. I have two grandchildren and am currently employed as a flight attendant. One day on my way home from work-when I was in one of my praise and worship modes-it came into my spirit to write a book. With encouragement from my sisters-I said yes God and sit down at the computer one day and begin to type. At a later time God spoke into my spirit-you should always be prepared to write because "you are a writer." The book project begin in June 2005 and was completed in November 2007.

2. What was your inspiration behind Dare to Dream?

Dare to Dream has definitely been a faith walk-being I knew absolutely nothing about writing a book. As a child I often dreamed because God gave the ability to each one of us to dream, but many are caught up and lost in how to make their dreams come true. Those people are the silent dreamers who don't dream out loud-only in secrecy. Through the word of God and in building a relationship with Him-not only is He bringing all my dreams into fruition-He goes a step further to tell me He will give me new dreams with new meanings,as He takes me into a new journey from glory to glory. God has made me fearsome and I am no longer afraid to dream and believe they will all come true through the knowledge of the word of God. He is no respecter of persons and what He has done for me, He will do for others as well.

3. When will your book hit bookstores?

July 29, 2008

4. Are there any other books on the horizon?

Yes, I am writing two books at this time. One is about the life and death of my son-Ryan. The other one is what God is inspiring me to write-another testimonial.

5. How does your family feel about you being a published author?

They feel it is great and they are very proud of me and what God is doing in my life. My two sons are very proud of me and my accomplishments. There was some doubt I would finish Dare to Dream after the death of my Ryan, but my sons encouraged me to write on a daily basis as well as others.

6. Has writing a book made a difference in your life?

Yes it has. In writing this book and through the word of God- I have also found purpose in Him-that I am a true writer fulfilloing one of the purposes He has for me in this lifetime.

7. Please share anything else you'd like the readers to know about you.

I am a child of God and I have come to truly realize this journey is not about me-it's all about Him-my Lord, God and Savior.


slimmerin2006 said...

I enjoyed reading the interview with Carol Jones. I can't wait until the book is on the market. I'm ready to read it, hoping it will give me encourgement to "Dare to Dream".

Valerie said...

I am always excited when I see God's kids walking in their dreams and honoring Him through their gifts and talents. God bless you Sis Carol for using your gift for His Body and being the blessing and inspiration that you are.

tommie j. davis said...

Because I know Carol Jones personally, I am anticipating the release of her book. I am so proud of her accomplishment. She will go on to do great things with The Lord as her guide.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

This sounds like a book every dreamer, procrastinator, and negative thinker, should read.

Can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Nia Virtual Book Tours said...

The title had me. This is a great interview.