Monday, April 20, 2009

Foolish Ideas Cover in the Clothing of "Literature"

I can't stand to get those books that are mostly propaganda. It irks my spirit and frustrates me to no end. It seems that some reviewers are actually fooled by these books and ascribe the title literature to them. It's nonsense and dangerous to our children's young, developing minds.

I actually read a book whose title I can't remember. The entire book was about why children should be allowed to have public fits and tantrums. The book was about self-expression. But, at the heart of the book was the idea of discipline. The propaganda was that children who are allowed to be themselves without too much parental restraint grow up to be more independent and more useful to society. I wanted to ask the author, "In what world?"

Please take time to read books your children are reading so that you can address silly teaching and the propaganda that they will undoubtedly bump into in this literary society called New York Times reviews. You review books for your own family. Just because some big wig gives a glowing review does not mean that the ideas expressed would meet your approval.

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