Tuesday, February 3, 2009

C.S. Lewis and More

Though I've never read Chronicles of Narnia, I have the movies. I'm very impressed with them and plan to read the books eventually. The other day, I stumbled upon a group debating Christian Sci-fi and decided to join in. Needless to say, some felt that Christian material should be nonfiction only. Some debate that making up a lie (novel, etc) to represent Christ is an oxymoron. To those people, I say you're missing the point. Christians have a right to read both fiction and nonfiction without it taking them away from their beliefs. Therefore, I'm all for Christian genres expanding. In fact, I'm an avid reader of Christian Romance. Keep writing and hopefully we'll have more C.S. Lewis' pop up somewhere with spectacular stuff!

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conarnold said...

I enjoy reading C. S. Lewis and Christian romance novels. There can be valuable Christian lessons expressed in fiction also.