Sunday, November 9, 2008

Celebrating Christian Authors

There are a lot of authors who write well. However, the special ones are those who can include a wonderful message in their writing. To me, writing without a message is just entertainment. I prefer television if I want entertainment only. I like hidden and blatant messages in books. I like to read things that can change my life, help me grow and more.

This month, I'd like to salute some of the authors whose books I've read, loved, learned from and changed with. The first and my favorite is Beth Moore. Lately she's been featured on Life Today with the Robinsons and she's dynamic. Secondly, I'd like to acknowledge Joyce Meyer who is equally anointed and dynamic.

Now, some of the others may not be as well known, but they are just as excellent. I've been watching Alton Gansky, Joyce Anthony and Marvin Wilson, Michelle Sutton, Lacresha Hayes and Lynn Austin, and many others. Their books are good and their messages are powerful. Some of them are hidden, some blatant, but always there. Support your local Christian authors because they are the lifeline of our beliefs, bringing us the things we need to excel in our walk.

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